Consent is the key factor in sexual assault


In Canada, the law requires that another person get your consent before starting any
sexual activity with you. 
To give your consent is to give permission, or agree to do
something.  Any time someone wants to do something sexual with you, that person
is not allowed unless he or she asks and you say yes. Under the Criminal Code of
Canada, consent is defined “as a voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity
with another person.”  The consent must be clearly expressed in words or conduct
and is determined to not be obtained if:

· you say no or give no reply

· you are impaired by alcohol or drugs

· you are unconscious or sleeping

· the “accused” is in a position of trust or authority (teacher, coach, employer)

· the “accused” uses intimidation, threats to force a person into sexual activity

· you change your mind and say no

Age of consent for sex is 16. A teen under the age of  16 cannot consent to sex with an adult two or more years older. Adults who have sex with boys or girls under the age of 16 could face criminal charges.  Anyone age 12 or over can be charged with sexual assault.

As a Survivor of Sexual Assault,  you have the right to:

· medical attention and counselling

· privacy and choosing the support that’s right for you

· involve police if you choose (over age of 16)



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