Have you or someone you know
been sexually assaulted or abused?



If you have been sexually assaulted – either recently, some time ago, or even as a child – know that:

· you are not to blame

· you are not responsible for being assaulted  or abused  

· giving in is not consent

· nothing you did “provoked” the assault or abuse

· it’s not unusual to feel angry, guilty, ashamed,  or frightened

· if your memory of childhood sexual abuse is just coming to the surface now,
it’s likely you buried it to cope with the trauma 

· many sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim

· there is support and help for you to overcome the assault and abuse

Survivors can experience:

· a sense of helplessness

· difficulty sleeping

· a reluctance to leave the house or spend time with family and friends

· difficulty forming intimate relationships

· crying spells and/or anxiety attacks

· school/work difficulties

· nightmares and flashbacks

· alcohol or drug abuse

Counselling can help you regain trust in others and  faith in yourself. Support for male and female, adult, youth and child survivors of sexual assault/abuse is available through the Sunrise Program partners.

Sexual Assault / Abuse

Sexual Assault / Abuse

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